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Why is it faster to order online?

Our online orders take priority over phone orders. When an online order is placed it goes directly in for shipping. When we receive a phone order it is handed over to an associate for input into our system and then for payment. This is done on an ASAP basis. Depending on how busy we are it may or may not be input until the end of the day for shipping the next day.

Are items marked "In Stock" really available?

Yes, we update our inventory as items are sold all day. We maintain an up to date count at all times. At high volume times, under rare circumstances it is possible that an item may get sold out before we update our system (two orders arrive at almost the same time and we only have one available). If this occurs you will notified right away by email and your card will not be charged.

Is it safe to order online?

Credit card information is only "passed through" our server via data 128 bit encrypted (https) connection. We do not store any card numbers or other sensitive information on our servers, only basic shipping information.

Why can't I get my tracking information by phone?

The only way to access tracking information is by logging into your account. This is done for security reasons and is not deviated from for any reason.

How quickly will my order ship?

About 98% of our orders ship the same day. In extremely busy times there may be delays of 1 to 2 days. The only exception is American Ballistics M118LR which can take up to 2 weeks to ship based on demand. This is stated in the product information.

How do I track my order?

When you created your account you entered your email and a password so that you can login and track your orders. Fedex is the only service that can be tracked with any reliability. USPS tracking is very unreliable. You may receive your order before it updates. Please allow at least 24 hours before tracking as it sometimes takes a while for updates to appear. During busy times tracking information my be delayed. This does not mean you order has not been shipped. For security reasons we cannot supply tracking information on the phone.

How do I find my order information?

When you created your account you entered your email and a password so that you can log in and track your orders. You can view information for current and previous orders here. View our PDF instructions for locating your order information...Click Here

"Sorry, we are not accepting payments from your region at this time."

Due to the difficulty in handling credit card issues outside the USA and the increasing level of fraudulent purchases we are not accepting card payments from outside the USA. We can only accept bank wire transfers at this time. If you require our wire information please email us.

Can you export to my country?

We export most items to countries outside the USA on a regular basis. Certain items to some countries require Department of Commerce licensing for export. They may also require an import certificate from your country. Ammunition, gun parts and certain optics cannot be exported outside the USA to any country due to Federal law. Please contact us to see if your order is eligible for export.

US Postal Service shows no tracking on my order

The US Postal Service provides an economical method of shipping and is relatively reliable. The tracking information is more of a delivery confirmation than a tracking number. The information is very slow to update and not reliable 100% of the time. In many cases your order will arrive before your tracking updates.

My order didn't go through but my card was charged anyway or my card was charged twice for one order.

We use as our card authorization service. When you submit a credit card they send the information to your card company to verify the address information. If the address information does not match your bank records you will receive an "AVS" error. If you receive the error do not continue to re-submit until you check to make sure you are using the correct information.

Why do I need to sign for my order?

Certain items like ammunition we feel are too risky to leave on a doorstep or in the hallway of an apartment building. Not only does it provide an easy target for thieves but there is always a chance for an accident or a child getting hold of it. Like most other companies we require signatures on most orders over $100. Fedex will not ship certain items without a signature for insurance reasons.

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