Gunslick Multi Piece Nylon Coated Rifle Rod - Full Kit


Sounds is what it should be, but as they get what you pay for. Everything works as it should. It was delivered very quickly. I have only one issue. The VERY first time I used it I noticed the nylon flaking off. Considering a Dewey is almost twice as much, it might be worth it. A plain sectioned cleaning rod can be had fairly cheap. Not sure if the Dewey's are prone to flaking as much as these, but it was a little irritating. The areas near the sections would likely do the most damage and it was only near the grip but I expected more than one cleaning before loosing the benefit of a nylon coating. US Armorment was wonderful. No problems with them. Just feel like the coating on this product should withstand a little more punishment than it did. I will continue to use it untill the areas near the sectioning give out, just did not give a good first impression. For it's price it is not a bad rod, for all I know the more expensive cousins may fair no better. In any case, Thank you US Armorment for your excellent service. They were very helpful and my order was delivered very quickly and without a hitch.
Date Added: 02/02/2009 by Daniel Bruton

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