Federal 5.56 62 Gr MK318 MOD-0 SOST T556TNB1 (500 Rnd Case) NSN: 1305-01-573-2229

  • Model: T556TNB1
  • Shipping Weight: 16lbs
  • Manufactured by: Federal Ammunition


 Sold Out 
VERY LIMITED SUPPLY! When this batch is gone there will be no more The SOST round from ATK was designed for the USMC as a supplemental round to M855 green tip with more desirable terminal characteristics. Made for duty use. Designated as MK318 MOD-0 the round was designed as a barrier defeating round with superior penetration and better ballistic stability when shooting through glass, car doors and other barriers where other rounds simply bounce off. It was engineered after the Marine Corp identified issues with the M855 round. MK318 utilizes a 62 grain open tip boattail match bullet with a lead core and reverse copper jacket creating the open tip. Very, very accurate and critically lethal. Supplied as a 500 round case of 25 20 round boxes. We are an approved Federal LE/Mil dealer. This is first quality "For Duty" ammo direct from Federal Cartridge that is not surplus, "loaded like", "re-classified" or "bulk loose ammo" others are selling! Current production.
  • 62 grain OTM (reverse draw jacket) bullet
  • Temp stable flash reduced propellant
  • 2925 fps @ 15’
  • Accuracy, combat -NTE 2 MOA. (600 yds)
  • Intermediate barriers; auto glass/doors.
  • Terminal, Specifically CQC & behind barriers
NSN: 1305-01-573-2229

Ammo restrictions:Ammo restrictions: We do not sell or ship ammunition or firearms to residents of Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, New York State, Washington DC, New Jersey*, California,or any location that requires air shipment. We will not sell in or ship to any city that has an unusually high rate of gun violence such as but not limited to Chicago Il, Detroit MI or Philadelphia PA. Due to the Anti-American laws passed regarding product liability we will no longer ship to New Jersey.

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